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#1-TuffTEST™ PC Diagnostic
Version 1.53
Product Description

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Downloadable PC Diagnostics

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Product Description
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#1-TuffTEST Product Description

red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Self-booting and Operating
System independent.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Can even boot & test a PC
with no hard drive.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Over 48 Tests & Functions.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Runs Automatically or can
be scripted.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Will identify and test ANY
size hard drive.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Supports up to 2 IDE, EIDE,
SATA and/or SCSI hard
drives per PC.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Unlimited Memory Testing.
Will identify and test ANY
amount of memory.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Supports all sizes, speeds
& types of memory - even 
Rambus RDRAM & DDR
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Automatically relocates itself
during memory testing, so
ALL memory addresses
can be tested.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Absolutely safe for use by
inexperienced end users.
Can't accidentally change
settings or overwrite data.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Quickly check your PC's
hardware before calling for
professional help.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) Supports Intel P4, PIII, PII,
P1, 486, 386 & compatible
AMD and Cyrix-based PCs.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) #1-TuffTEST is available
via download only.
red_ball.gif (916 bytes) At a cost of only $9.95 why  
not order #1-TuffTEST to
automatically troubleshoot 
 your PC today!

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Automatic, Inexpensive, and Powerful

#1-TuffTEST is the first PC diagnostic software product that can automatically test the major hardware components of any Intel-based, or compatible, desktop PC. It is distributed via download only. Best of all, it is very inexpensive - you can download #1-TuffTEST for only $9.95!

#1-TuffTEST is specifically designed for use by PC end-users and less experienced PC support/service people. The powerful and comprehensive tests that comprise #1-TuffTEST are derived from #1-TuffTEST-Pro™, our industry-leading, professional-level diagnostic software product.

The "Stand-Alone" Advantage

#1-TuffTEST is a "Stand-Alone" diagnostic program that has its own proprietary self-booting operating system. Simply turn the target PC off, insert the #1-TuffTEST Program CD-Rom into the CD-ROM Drive or the Program Diskette into Drive A, turn the target PC on, and #1-TuffTEST will boot and take complete control of the target PC.

This "Stand-Alone" advantage allows #1-TuffTEST to operate directly on the PC's hardware without interference from the target system's native operating system. Thus precise and highly reliable test results are consistently achieved.

In contrast, most other utility and diagnostic software products operate as an application program "under" the native operating system (DOS/Windows/etc.). Some even have to be installed on the fixed disk before you can use them. While this approach is effective for software and hardware "configuration" issues, attempting to diagnose "hardware malfunctions" through all the various layers of operating system and application software dramatically affects the quality and reliability of the tests.

Safety First

Unlike other diagnostic products, #1-TuffTEST is completely safe for use by anyone, even total PC novices, as it does not contain any tests or functions that could change a PC's system settings or overwrite data on its fixed disk drive.

No Training Required

Best of all, #1-TuffTEST is very easy to use-with no training required! As stated above, simply turn the PC's power off, put the Program CD-ROM into the CD-ROM Drive or the Program Diskette into Drive A, and turn the power on. #1-TuffTEST will then boot the PC and load itself into lower memory.

Once the Main Menu appears, if no key is pressed within 10 seconds, the complete set of System Certification Tests will run automatically. At the end of the test session, a simple "ok" or "FAIL" is reported for each test in the Certification Test Results display. This report can be printed, and/or saved to the Program Diskette for later viewing or printing.

Unique Architecture Means Better Testing

#1-TuffTEST is written in assembly language (instead of a high-level language such as C). Therefore, it is very compact, executes much faster, and is more precise. It uses less than 125K of main memory when loaded, and automatically relocates the program in main memory during memory testing. Thus all of main memory is tested! This is not possible with the much larger native operating system dependent programs that use most or all of main memory when loaded.

#1-TuffTEST uses its own proprietary operating system, is self-loading, and is designed to load successfully in systems with suspected hardware malfunctions. Thus it can test a PC system regardless of its native operating system (DOS, Windows, Unix, Linux, OS/2, etc.). You can even troubleshoot a PC with no fixed disk drive!

#1-TuffTEST utilizes its own custom device drivers so that diagnostic routines interact directly with the PC's hardware. This produces precise and reliable test results that are unaltered by native operating system error recovery routines and eliminates the false positives and negatives so common with DOS/Windows-based utility-type diagnostic products.

Thorough and Very Rigorous Tests

A #1-TuffTEST Program Diskette contains multiple diagnostic programs in compressed format. Each program is custom written for a specific microprocessor/bus combination. As #1-TuffTEST loads, the microprocessor/bus combination of the target system is analyzed, and only the appropriate diagnostic program for that system is expanded and loaded into main memory.

#1-TuffTEST is comprised of the most thorough and rigorous set of diagnostic tests and functions for Main Memory, Extended Memory, Fixed Disk Drives (EIDE, IDE, SATA, SCSI, ESDI, ST506/412), Diskette Drives, Video Displays and Adapters, and Serial and Parallel Interfaces. These comprehensive tests provide extremely reliable results.

Tests and Functions

If automatic testing is not desired, a test session can be scripted by toggling any of the following tests ON/off. The default is all tests ON. In addition, any test session can be run in single pass or continuous mode.

  • System Board Tests
    • Microprocessor
    • Math Coprocessor
    • DMA Controller
    • Real Time Clock
  • Video Alignment Aids
    • Cross-Hatch Pattern
    • Dot Pattern
    • Vertical Bars Pattern
    • Horizontal Bars Pattern
    • Text Color Chart
  • Video Adapter Tests
    • Verify Screen Memory Test
    • Character Set Test
    • Video Attributes Test
    • Fill Display Test
    • Cursor Addressing Test
    • Video Memory Test
    • Hi-Res Color Test
    • Text Resolution Test
  • Parallel Port Tests
    • LPT1 Test
    • LPT2 Test
    • LPT3 Test
  • Serial Port Tests
    • COM 1 Test
    • COM 2 Test
    • COM 3 Test
    • COM 4 Test
  • Diskette Drive Tests (drives A & B)
    • Reset Drive Test
    • Rotational Timing Test
    • Seek/Read Test
    • Read Only Test
  • Fixed Disk Tests (drives 0 & 1) - Up to 2000 Gigabytes!
    • Controller Test
    • Seek (Hysteresis) Test
    • Surface Analysis Test
  • Main Memory Tests *
    • Allzeroes Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Allones Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Checkerboard Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Address Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Walking Ones Test (includes Parity Module Test)

* Note: when any of the Main Memory Tests are run, #1-TuffTEST is automatically relocated on each pass (from the lower portion of main memory to the upper portion of main memory and then back again). This insures that ALL of main memory is rigorously tested. This unequaled ability to test the lower portion of main memory (that is normally occupied by the operating system and operating system dependent programs) is vitally important because this is the most used portion of memory and, therefore, the most likely area to fail.

  • Extended Memory Tests - Up to 3.5 Gigabytes!
    • Allzeroes Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Allones Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Checkerboard Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Address Test (includes Parity Module Test)
    • Walking Ones Test (includes Parity Module Test)

#1-TuffTEST supports desktop PCs that use Intel Pentium 4, Pentium III, Pentium II, Pentium Pro, Pentium, i486, 80386, and compatible AMD and Cyrix processors with Industry Standard Architecture (ISA), Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture (EISA), VESA Local Bus (VLB), and Peripheral Component Inter-connect (PCI) bus configurations.

#1-TuffTEST will test all speeds, sizes and types of memory including RDRAM and DDR SDRAM.

Menu Options

If automatic testing is not desired, the Main Menu has the following options:

  • System Configuration Information - This option indicates the hardware resources that are functioning, i.e., identifiable in the system, and also provides information about the system's BIOS and CMOS settings. In addition, a CPU Speed Test is performed, MMX Extensions are tested and a BIOS Checksum Test is performed. This System Configuration Information can be viewed or printed.
  • Certification Test Selection Menu - This option enables scripting of each test session by allowing individual tests for each system component to be toggled ON/off. Upon completion of the customized test session, which can be run in single pass or continuous mode, the Certification Test Selection display becomes the Certification Test Results display with ok/FAIL posted to the selected tests. The results can be printed and/or saved to the Program Diskette. Each saved test session includes the Test Results and System Configuration.
  • Prior Test Results - This option allows up to five (5) previously saved test sessions to be viewed, printed or cleared. Each test session includes the Test Results and System Configuration information.

What Doesn't #1-TuffTEST Do?

Now for the next logical question, "what doesn't #1-TuffTEST do"?

As stated earlier, #1-TuffTEST, with its own boot-loader and operating system, is a highly specialized diagnostic software "tool" that provides superior "hardware" testing because the target system's native operating system is never used or called into memory.

Thus, #1-TuffTEST can directly test major system components such as memory, fixed disk drives, diskette drives, serial & parallel ports, video, keyboard, etc. False positives and false negatives that can be induced by the system's native operating system are eliminated.

However, since the PC's native operating system is not available to #1-TuffTEST, it cannot use the operating system's functions or interact with the various devices that, due to their proprietary design, are not supported by the PC's BIOS. Examples include pointing devices, CD-ROM drives, sound cards, network cards, etc. These devices require the availability of their own special native operating system-based software drivers and only a utility that runs under the system's native operating system can see and interact with these drivers.

Since numerous operating system-based diagnostic utilities have always been available to see, exercise and resolve conflicts with these devices, #1-TuffTEST has remained specialized in doing what it does best - directly and rigorously test the PC's basic hardware.

Our customers recognize this and use #1-TuffTEST in conjunction with, not instead of, operating system dependent products such as #1-TuffTEST for Windows , Norton Utilities, PC-Doctor, CheckIt Pro, etc. They use #1-TuffTEST to reliably test the system's basic "hardware" and DOS/Windows-based utility products for help with configuration issues and conflicts.

Technical Support

#1-TuffTEST comes with technical support during normal business hours via e-mail, fax or mail.

Upgrade Information for New Version 1.53

Once you license #1-TuffTEST it can be upgraded for life. For your convenience, upgrades are always totally backward compatible so you never have to worry about using your old Program CD-ROMs or Program Diskettes with your new Program CD-ROMs or Program Diskettes.

There is usually one upgrade per year or whenever support is added for major new hardware.

For example, new version 1.53, adds support for:

  • Unlimited Memory Testing. Will now identify and test ANY amount of memory.
  • Unlimited Hard Drive Testing. Will now identify and test ANY size hard drive. The drive(s) can be located on the Primary IDE Channel, Secondary IDE Channel, SATA MB socket and/or attached to a supported SCSI host adapter (see below).
  • Testing SCSI Drives. Any SCSI drive can now be tested provided its host adapter's BIOS supports INT13h and drive counting located at 4075 in the BIOS data area.
  • Testing Up To 2 Hard Drives Per PC. Will now test up to 2 IDE, EIDE, SATA and/or SCSI hard drives per PC.

The new version also includes numerous minor enhancements & fixes. To upgrade, all we need is your Name and #1-TuffTEST Serial Number.

The cost of a #1-TuffTEST upgrade ranges from no charge to a nominal charge depending upon the size of the upgrade. This can be determined by the version number which always has the following format: X.XXx

Any change to the second X after the decimal, or the small x after it, means it is a minor upgrade or patch, and there will be no charge. Any change to the X's immediately before and after the decimal means it is a major upgrade and there may be a nominal charge.

For example, if your version number is 1.50 and you check our download page and see that the current version is 1.51 or 1.52a, etc., you can go ahead and download and install the upgrade using your current #1-TuffTEST Serial Number at no charge. If, however, you see that the version number is 1.60 or 2.00a, etc., there may be a nominal charge for a new #1-TuffTEST Serial Number.

Note: The current version can always be downloaded at the:

Licensed User Area

Click on Upgrades for additional upgrade information.



#1-TuffTEST is only distributed via download. The download files  and complete instructions are available at the: 

Licensed User Area

#1-TuffTEST, which is derived from #1-TuffTEST-Pro, our industry-leading professional-level diagnostic software product, is an outstanding diagnostic value. The license fee is only $9.95, and it is paid via PayPal.

No one's set of diagnostic tools is complete without #1-TuffTEST so:

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